Covid-19 Update 17 March 2020

This is the update that was posted on the 17th March 2020. Please view the Covid-19 page for the latest update.

A message from Helen, Principal

Dear All PAD Parents,

It is with a very heavy heart that I have decided to close PAD dance classes for the next two weeks – minimum.

As you can imagine these are very difficult judgement calls to make. I have spoken to our dance associations today and followed their guidance, which has helped us since my last commumincation with you.

Our exams with the Central Dancing Association due to be on the 27th and 28th March will be postponed to a later date. At this time the April exams (24th & 25th April) are still planned to go ahead but may also be postponed.

Extra Ballet Students ( they know who they are) who are due to take Royal Academy of Dance exams on the 1st April, these are also postponed to a future date.

As you can all imagine, these are unpredictable times and my goal is to help where PAD can. Therefore by closing our classes for now, hopefully we can do our bit to limit the spread of Covid-19 especially to the most vulnerable in our society.

The school shall be closed for two weeks from today and will re-evaluate on the 31st March but may continue to close until the end of the School Easter Holidays or longer if necessary. The honest answer is I cannot give certain answers, but will do my best to keep lines of communication open.

We will be in touch with you all with regard to payments and any outstanding fees for exams/ uniform as to how we will manage this time. Please just bear with us!

Keep an eye out for extra dance activities I will be creating to keep your children entertained during the coming weeks.

As I said before, Nathan and I are here for you if you should need anything at all.

Best wishes,