New student fees

New student fees

The first class is a trial and is free.

The prices below are for the remaining classes in a students first month of attendance. For ongoing fees please see the class pricing page.

Class (age)Fee per classType of class
Tots (3-6)£3.25Core class
Juniors 1-4 (6+)£6.50Core class
Elementary (10+)£6.50Core class
Intermediate Foundation (11+)£6.50Core class
Intermediates (14+)£6.50Core class
Boys Only (6+)£4Stand alone
Extra Ballet (6+)£4Extra class
Extra Acro (6+)£4Extra class
Adult Tap (18+)£3Stand alone

For example: A Tot with 3 remaining classes in their first month of attendance will be sent a payment request for £9.75.

Last updated 1st January 2021